Britain Apologizes for Castrating Alan Turing

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologized for the treatment of Alan Turing and praised his contributions to the defeat of Fascism through breaking the German Enigma code.

A C[o]unt of the Womb

A particular figure of absence seems to possess a suspicious connotative efficacy in its deployment within language and as a visual figure. What is at stake in the use of the empty square?

Christopher Marcom Being Dead, Alan Turing Contemplates Emptiness As He Encounters A Series Of Boys ...

Thus Arriving At The Possibility Of Computation. The invention of the computer is traced to what came to be called the Turing Machine after the author of the 1936 paper “On Computable Numbers, With an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem” in which it was proposed. The tragic life of the Alan Turing is here figured as an embodiment of his invention.

10 concepts of computation (arranged in order of increasing outrageousness)

The ideational threads that weave their way through this list summarize the obsessions that motivated my work during the five previous years. There is a trajectory here: from a concern for the abstract, theoretical underpinnings of computer technology, to the intertwining of technical and cultural logics in the lives and politics of the people who create and use computers.