Obscure Application


Obscure is an easy to use free steganography application (for Linux, Mac, and Windows) you can download from this website.

Obscure hides files (payloads) in images (carriers)—allowing you to hide sensitive data "in plain sight." As long as the files are not altered, they can be left anywhere—on a thumb drive, or on a website (Google Drive, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.). When retrieved, the knowing recipient can recover the original file. For added security, there is even an option to encrypt the payload, so a key is necessary to get it back out.

With the heightened concern over surveillance by both commercial entities and government ones, this application provides one way to try and  find a little more privacy.

Basic Instructions

Obscure has a simple drag and drop interface.

To Hide a file, drop it on the application window and it will be hidden in a randomly generated carrier image. It will be saved to a folder called 'obscured'.

To recover the hidden file, drop the carrier image on the application window. The hidden payload will be saved in a folder called 'unobscured' next to carrier image.

To use your own images as carriers, create a folder of images called 'carriers' next to the payload files.

To encrypt your payload, create a folder called 'key' next to the payload. Obscure will generate a random key and save it next to the output file. The key must be next to the carrier to decode the payload.

[For more detailed explanation of Obscure's features, refer to the Obscure User Manual.]



Download Obscure for linux 32-bit.   ( sig ) What's This?
Download Obscure for linux 64-bit.   ( sig ) What's This?


Download Obscure for mac OSX.   ( sig ) What's This?


Download Obscure for windows 32-bit.   ( sig ) What's This?
Download Obscure for windows 64-bit.   ( sig ) What's This?


Download Obscure Manual.
Download image generator plugins.   ( sig ) What's This?

Verifying Signatures

The signature files can be used to verify that the software you download comes from a known source. A good explanation with links to necessary software can be found on the Tor website .

The software is signed by Obscure <obscureATonetwothree.net> whose public key with the ID 0x99B198D4A191628A can be retrieved from hkp://subkeys.pgp.net. The Fingerprint should match 61E6 A3F2 E256 B604 220C D47E 99B1 98D4 A191 628A.